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Il presente sito è in allestimento per informazioni non esitate a contattarci alla seguente mail: aldocivello@libero.it oppure ai seguenti numeri: Italia 3774685146 (0039) oppure Grecia 6948750720 (0030) 

This site is working progress for any information you can contact us at mail : aldocivello@libero.it and following number : Italy 3774625146 (0039) Greece 6948750720(0030)

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                                       ALDO’S GROUP

_ Is a group of  company and freelances association , who mainly takes care of producing and assembling furnishes,  with the purpose to plan, supervise, widen and realize the planning in the yacht design field.

_ Tanks to their long, solid experience and good knowledge of the market, in term of timing, quality required and interpretation of technical norms contained in the few existing register, Aldo’s group can offer a complete collaboration combining the preliminary studies on feasibility with the executive’s planning.

_This will include computerized graphic, 3D graphics, 3D animation, rendering. Elaboration of constructive and decorative details regarding the inside and outside furnishing project.

_ The group are also in a position to offer a variety of further services through technical assistance aimed to solve even the smallest practical and functional problem, always keeping an eye on the financial side.

_ In addition, such an organization can produce documentation including offers complete with all the voices of specification and relative estimations.

We specialize exclusively in interiors design, production and project management of luxury yachts.

_We can supply also insulation for anykind of application: factory, cruiseship, private yacht .

_We have a consolidate experience to serve and cooperate with a global clientele including individual yacht owner, shipyard and manufactures in Italy, U.S.A and in the new market as China

_ Aldo’s group mostly works in nautical ships but it has anyway ingrown a good experience also in furnishing privates homes, shopping sites, offices and anything else which belongs to this field.

_This group was born in 2008 from the fusion of Italian, Portuguese and Hellenic companies (Admiral srls. Seven Seas,  A.N.C. uni pessoal LDA) in  2015 was added another 3 companies Inside ltd, O'Mega insulation, and the Yacht PPS ltd.

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